Long time no see

I haven't blog more than 6 months because I probably went out too much, travelled, took pictures, shopped, watched movies. Actually, 2013 is the most travelling year in my entire life. In the last 3 months of 2013, I went out of Bangkok every 2 weeks. After I came back with a thousand of photos, It was the time for editing and publish my photos to my facebook friends :p

Tokyo Tower from Roppongi

Blog engine

A year before (27/1/2013), I started blogging with SquareSpace which I like their excellent backend and impressive themes. However, since the time I rarely post new blog, I realized that I wasted my $8 every month without touching it.

I decided to blog again but I want to do more than just blogging. So I moved out of SquareSpace. Currently, I'm using Ghost on DigitalOcean, which is cost me $5 a month. (save me $3 :D)

At first, I want to use Drupal, nevertheless Ubuntu 13.10 on Digital Ocean screwed me up

Hopefully, I can blog along this year continuosly.